duminică, 10 martie 2013

UNITED AND STRONG are coming back!

Our BFFs from Berlin are finally coming back!

CLUJ NAPOCA *United and Strong + Vera Renczi*
date: 26/03/2013
time: 09:30 PM
location: Irish Music Pub (str. Horea no.5)
support: 10 ron

SIBIU *United and Strong + Vera Renczi*
date: 27/03/2013
time: 09:00 PM
location: La Atelier (str. Dorobantilor no.22 poarta 3 compa)
support: 10 ron

BRASOV *United and Strong + Tarabostes*
date: 28/03/2013
time: 08:00 PM
location: La Ciolan (str. Stadionului nr.15)
support: 10 ron

We haven't posted anything new on the blog for a while, that is because we have been really busy...and that is great news! 
So we've been doing stuff lately... We are now part of a newly formed Animal Rights crew, called Vocea Animalelor and we had the first event on the 1st of March, there was a screening of Behind the mask, vegan treats and, of course a show with Dasa Fon Flasa! Everything was really cool and people are interested in what we are doing! So, hopefully, more and more will join and animal exploitation will finally end! Go vegan!
Also, Piata Autonoma Cluj still happens, we had a great 3rd edition and the 4th is on the way! People are starting to get it and soon, capitalism will be history!

What else, our friends from EcoRuralis have made a kick ass traditional seed bank in Cluj Napoca, and we've been helping them a little with that too - they are fighting the good fight against stupid greedy GMOs. In the same field of interest, there is another project called Verdeata Isteata, which will be the first community garden in the city - all green and organic, today they collected 20 tires from the river to reuse them for the garden. The same people have started a huge amazing project for an even bigger community garden, somewhere near Cluj-Napoca, we will also try to be involved in that as much as possible. The idea is to learn to grow our own food, organic, hopefully permaculture-style,yo! So, in conclusion, we cannot be happier that things are moving in the best direction here!
Oh, and Leave Me Alone zine no.7 is on it's way. We will finish and print it this month, so stay tuned!

So, if anyone is interested in the things listed above, please, don't hesitate to contact us, or them (there are links all over the text).

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