joi, 3 noiembrie 2011

9 NOV - International Day Against Fascism & Antisemitism

This year, we will have a concert, a short video projection and we will also celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Leave Me Alone zine.

wednesday, 9 nov 2001
video projection: Hardcore is more than music 
concert: QUARTIER LIBRE (france)- ska punk -
                SCHLITZ (cluj napoca) - pop punk -
                STUCK IN A RUT (cluj napoca) - fast hardcore -
celebration: new issue for Leave Me Alone zine - 1 year anniversary (debut marked by an awesome show with Touche Amore, Lighthouse & Countdown)
after party: DJ POLIGLOT (cluj napoca) -

location: Flying Circus Pub, str. Iuliu Maniu nr.2, Cluj Napoca
ora: 21.00
cost: 10 ron (5 ron if student) (we would have loved the 5 lei version, but apparently some people won't agree with us...sorry for the unemployed or other leaving creature besides students that will have to pay double, we are not responsible for this)

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